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NEW - MP40 Transit Crate

This transit case fits the MP40 perfectly, along with its accessories. Stenciled top with eagle of your choice, box joints, two latches and heavy duty handles. Very customized and great display piece for anyone lucky enough to have an MP40 to place inside.
$250 each.

72SD1 Luftwaffe Cluster Bomb Crate

Approximate size of 29"x16"x9". German ammunition box for Luftwaffe 72SD1 1kg Cluster Bombs. The box has a removable lid, 2 latches, labels, rope handles and heavy-duty reinforced boards. Great for stacking.
Was $140

8cm Mortar Round Crate

Approximate size of 14.25"x11"x4.25". 1 piece top with stencils and correct rope handle. Smaller latches and good for a Gr.W.34. mortar round display. No inner tray.
$90 each.

Heavy Duty Patronenkiste Ammunition Box

Approximate size 14"x19"x7". Recessed metal handles, box-jointed sides, dead-on original-style locks, great period-looking labels and reinforced 5-piece top. Black hardware and pine wood. This is modeled after an original Patronenkiste that held 1500 rounds of K98k ammunition.
$130 each.

Mid-Sized 2cm Ammunition Box

Approximate size 24"x10"x13". Slightly half the size of the foot locker, you can keep most of your immediate gear inside. Dove-tailed joints, 2 original-style locks and reinforced 3-piece top.
$130 each.


Panzerschreck Backpack - Volksturm

Copy of the late-war wood backpack that carried 3 panzershreck rounds. Missing the metal fasteners and harness, this is just the wood components. If you have 3 dummy rounds, this makes a great display piece!
$90 each.


Mauser K98k Rifle Storage Crate

A perfect reproduction of our original K98 Shipping Crate. Holds a squads worth (10 each) of K98 rifles.
• Perfect for safe rifle storage before, during or after events.
• Provides a period correct seating surface
• Protects rifles from the enviornment
• Protects rifles from theft
• Is 100% accurate both in deminsions and construction

$325 each.


Our Very Popular Packkiste Nr. 10 "Foot locker"/Equipment Box – Feldgrau, Clear or Dunkelgelb

Approximate size 29"x16"x13". Originally used by Pioneers (Packkiste Nr. 10) for heavy equipment and fuses. This box can hold all your gear, including uniform, boots and shovel. Reinforced 5-piece top, 2 latches and metal handles.
$160 each.

Pioneer FP02 Fuse Crate – Clear or Feldgrau

Approximate size 25"x15"x13". Recessed meta

l handles, 2 latches, dovetail joinery and a reinforced 5-piece top. This is taller, yet narrower than the Packkiste Nr. 10. Fit all your gear in this one.
$175 each.

Tellermine/2cm Ammunition Box – Clear or Feldgrau

Approximate size 19"x16"x16". Originally used for heavy equipment such as tellermines, this can hold most gear except your shovel and large items. Rope handles, box-jointed sides, dead-on original-style lock and reinforced 3-piece top. Black hardware and pine wood. This is modeled after an original box.
$140 each.

Indiana Jones-type Box Designs

This can be painted on your box or on a wood sign. This image is from a box lid as a copy from the Lost Ark box. Email us to get a price for what you want.





Do you really want to show up with containers
you shouldn't even bring into camp?

A better solution for your equipment
storage and transportation needs.

All of the crates we sell are accurate copies of original WWII German crates we've personally collected. Panzerwerks crates have period-correct, German manufactured latches, recently located in Europe. The original paper labels from our collection have been digitally scanned, professionally restored and accurately reprinted (will not smear when wet).

Panzerwerks WWII German crates were created primarily for reenactors. Too often at events we see truck loads of plastic totes in camp spoiling the period correctness of the experience. Original crates can be found but they are, frankly, too worn for usage. When equipment and supplies arrived at the front lines in WWII, it sure didn't come in 70 year-old boxes!

Ideally, you should be able to store all your uniforms, gear and equipment in these period correct crates. As an added benefit, they do double duty by not only storing your gear and personnel items in a safe, sturdy container, but they also make a very authentic and useful "prop" in camp.

Randy's Rant:

I have remained silent long enough. Let's face it guys, we've all been giving each other a pass on folding chairs for years now. Were chairs issued to Grenadiers in combat? I think not; and if so, how were they carried? Chairs should be the exception in camp, not the rule. We offer several different size crates that add realism to any camp or "war room." Chairs detract from autheticity, and add no value. They literally become a burden because they can't do double duty like a crate can (see above photo)!



Don't Need the Whole Box?
Try Our Crate Latch Special:

Buy either latch and catch set (2 latches and 2 catches with the proper fasteners
for $50 delivered to your door. Your choice of "Wood" or "Metal" box set.


Fresh from the Panzerwerks Drafting Department ($45 each, mailed to your door).

Our engineers begged us not to sell the secret plans for our crates . . .
but the people demand it! So, they are now officially De-Classified, and FOR SALE.
All dimensions are included for box size but no labels or hardware information is available.



Thank you for ordering from us, you will not be disappointed.


Please send me your address to calculate shipping cost (which will vary by weight and destination).
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